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Thank you, Shelby. I am now PV, the Glitter King! :D

Magic Number17
PersonalityRainy Day
SexualIf I Have To
Likely To WinA Duel With Pistols
Me - In A WordEvil
Brought to you by MemeJack

Well, that was oddly accurate..

Tenshinoitami1: *attacks*
Tenshinoitami1: SO WHAT'S UP!?!
JimBob4554: @.@
JimBob4554: ::is attacked::
JimBob4554: Just got home from DDR and took a shower. Now waiting on dinner and a friend to come over. :P
JimBob4554: You?
Tenshinoitami1: just finished talking to Aaron ^^;;;;;;;
Tenshinoitami1: and I was about to get off and then you IMed me
JimBob4554: ::chuckles::
Tenshinoitami1: nani?
JimBob4554: Don't let me hold you up.
Tenshinoitami1: nah, it's okay
Tenshinoitami1: I dont get to talk to you much so...
Tenshinoitami1: I shall talk to you now
JimBob4554: ::chuckles::
Tenshinoitami1: while I have the chace
Tenshinoitami1: so ha
JimBob4554: Makes sense.
JimBob4554: Mrm, brb; someone's callin.
Tenshinoitami1: and stop chuckling! i dont see what is funny.....
Tenshinoitami1: ok
Tenshinoitami1: me too, I'll brb. I have to put some dishes up
JimBob4554: K, back. (I chuckle when something amuses me. ;-))
Tenshinoitami1: I'm back now too!
Tenshinoitami1: lol
JimBob4554: ^_^ Welcome.
Tenshinoitami1: I am happy!
JimBob4554: Always a good thing. ^^
JimBob4554: I am okay!
Tenshinoitami1: yep!
JimBob4554: :P
JimBob4554: I am amused.
Tenshinoitami1: you are PV
Tenshinoitami1: *pets*
Tenshinoitami1: king of glitter
JimBob4554: ::chuckles:: Indeed I am. I am many things.
JimBob4554: lol!
JimBob4554: :D
JimBob4554: I'll have to add that to my name now..
JimBob4554: "PV, king of glitter"
Tenshinoitami1: yes!
Tenshinoitami1: indeed
Tenshinoitami1: you are PV, the King of Glitter!
Tenshinoitami1: or it could be PV, the Glitter King
Tenshinoitami1: which ever you like better
JimBob4554: i like the second one better
Tenshinoitami1: *nods* yeah
Tenshinoitami1: then, PV, the Glitter King! it is
Tenshinoitami1: you have to have the ! on the end
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: that sound slike a bad anime quote
JimBob4554: lol
JimBob4554: engrish fun!
JimBob4554: i are pv, glitter the king!
Tenshinoitami1: ................................
Tenshinoitami1: that sounds kind of dirty......
Tenshinoitami1: or maybe it's just me
JimBob4554: ::giggle::
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: *dirty mind =P *
JimBob4554: :dirtier mind:
Tenshinoitami1: lol!
Tenshinoitami1: I bet
Tenshinoitami1: since you are a guy and all
Tenshinoitami1: lol
JimBob4554: well no, ihad a clean mind till... mmh.. six months ago
JimBob4554: when i started hanging out with koneko and tenshi
JimBob4554: they corrupted me.. then icorru pted them back :P
Tenshinoitami1: *sneezy* I hate allergies...
JimBob4554: *i corrupted
Tenshinoitami1: who and who
JimBob4554: friends of mine. ^^
Tenshinoitami1: I knew that ^^;
JimBob4554: lol, right
JimBob4554: umm.. tenshi was there, koneko is in japan
JimBob4554: tenshi was the one in the like grey trenchcoat.. subaru
JimBob4554: long brown hair
Tenshinoitami1: I dont think I remember.....
JimBob4554: prolly not
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: I have a bad memory ^^;
Tenshinoitami1: you know how that is
Tenshinoitami1: lol
JimBob4554: Oh, do i..
JimBob4554: :P
Tenshinoitami1: haha..
Tenshinoitami1: I just made a lame song
Tenshinoitami1: I am always singing about things
JimBob4554: tenshi en grey: man, it's hard to imagine you even in a dress
tenshi en grey: we're going to have to rectify that
JimBob4554: o.o
JimBob4554: ::hides::
JimBob4554: I do that too. :P
Tenshinoitami1: once I sang about there being something in my shoe
JimBob4554: Mine are sad. ;.;
JimBob4554: LOL
Tenshinoitami1: you in a dress?
Tenshinoitami1: I am soooooooooooooooo scared
JimBob4554: lol
JimBob4554: I am too. XP
JimBob4554: Though Ihave the Catholic schoolgirl outfit in my closet..
Tenshinoitami1: too much info!
Tenshinoitami1: too much info!
JimBob4554: LOL
Tenshinoitami1: *hides*
JimBob4554: Friend gave it to me . :P
JimBob4554: She didn't want it anymore. That was.. Monday.
Tenshinoitami1: *is hiding*
Tenshinoitami1: you told me
JimBob4554: ::laughs::
Tenshinoitami1: but I think you asked her for it....
Tenshinoitami1: cross dresser!
JimBob4554: LOL
Tenshinoitami1: *goes deeper into hidding*
JimBob4554: I plan on trying it sometime, Halloween or a con, but I didn't ask her for it. :P I thought she'd want it to wear for Jeff. ^^;;
JimBob4554: Poor Jeff.. ;.;
Tenshinoitami1: o.0?
Tenshinoitami1: YOU SCARE ME!
Tenshinoitami1: I MEAN....YOU REALLY SCARE ME!
JimBob4554: I scare everyone.
Tenshinoitami1: uh.....
Tenshinoitami1: YEAH!
JimBob4554: ::chuckle::
Tenshinoitami1: my arm is bruised ;-;;
JimBob4554: Poor thing. ::pat pat::
Tenshinoitami1: *hugs*
Tenshinoitami1: HI!
Tenshinoitami1: *pet pet*
Tenshinoitami1: *dances around you*
Tenshinoitami1: *sings* PV! PV! PV!
JimBob4554: ^^
JimBob4554: Now you're scaring me. ;-)
Tenshinoitami1: =P
Tenshinoitami1: good
Tenshinoitami1: *continues to sing and dance* PV! PV! PV!
JimBob4554: ::covers your mouth::
Tenshinoitami1: *muffled* pv pv pv pv pv pv
JimBob4554: ::giggles::
JimBob4554: must not get ballgag.. must not get ballgag..
Tenshinoitami1: you came up when aaron and I where talking, he said "we need kevin to cover your month" and I said "lol!"
JimBob4554: We could just find a ball-gag.. but then I'd be out of a job.
Tenshinoitami1: --;
and you want the job right?
JimBob4554: Of course!
JimBob4554: ^^
Tenshinoitami1: YAY!!!!!!
*dances more*
JimBob4554: Sigh. Ican't wait till Neko.
Tenshinoitami1: indeed!
JimBob4554: of course, i'm gonna be stalking random people, so i'm not sure if they'll have as much fun as i will :P
Tenshinoitami1: lol
you can stalked meeeeeee!
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: *stalk
Tenshinoitami1: no ed
Tenshinoitami1: =p
Tenshinoitami1: "no and then!"
Tenshinoitami1: =D
JimBob4554: :P
JimBob4554: Mmh. I hope everyone goes to Neko. It's not that far away..
Tenshinoitami1: *nod nod*
Tenshinoitami1: *tackle* I'm hyper and bored
JimBob4554: ::fall::
JimBob4554: I'm tackled and.. that's about it. :P
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: guess what
JimBob4554: You found a million dollars on the sidewalk?
Tenshinoitami1: no...
Tenshinoitami1: I wish
Tenshinoitami1: lol
Tenshinoitami1: I got bit by a PV!
JimBob4554: OMG! REALLY?!
Tenshinoitami1: YES!
JimBob4554: Like, oh my god!
JimBob4554: ::valley girl::
JimBob4554: ^^
JimBob4554: ::twirls hair::
Tenshinoitami1: .....
Tenshinoitami1: thats scary
JimBob4554: lol
Tenshinoitami1: >.>
Tenshinoitami1: V.V
Tenshinoitami1: *yawn*
JimBob4554: Mmh. I need to go have sustenance.
JimBob4554: I shall see thee anon.
Tenshinoitami1: um...ok
Tenshinoitami1: talk to you later then
Tenshinoitami1: bye bye!
JimBob4554: Hasta.

Mmh, home-grown raspberries are good. And we're getting quite a few of them now.
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