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JimBob4554 (1:52:38 PM): Greetings, Rosier.
JimBob4554 (1:52:42 PM): ;-)
LizGal2002 (1:52:50 PM): Hey, Austin.
JimBob4554 (1:52:54 PM): Kevin. ;-)
LizGal2002 (1:52:58 PM): Oh!
LizGal2002 (1:53:00 PM): Sorry.
JimBob4554 (1:53:01 PM): ::laughs::
LizGal2002 (1:53:27 PM): What's with the screen name?
JimBob4554 (1:54:01 PM): Twas my first one. Got tired of none of mine being available, so I just threw together a buncha random stuff.
LizGal2002 (1:54:02 PM): By the way, how do you like my posts?
JimBob4554 (1:54:14 PM): I like them; still waiting for you to do something, though. ;-)
LizGal2002 (1:54:30 PM): Believe me, I did quite a bit.
LizGal2002 (1:55:06 PM): You don't like Azrael much, do you? ;-)
JimBob4554 (1:55:22 PM): I don't know who Azrael is.
LizGal2002 (1:56:00 PM): What was up with that statement, "C'est la mort."?
JimBob4554 (1:56:29 PM): She said "C'est la vie." That's life. But she's death, so I said, "C'est la mort."
LizGal2002 (1:56:43 PM): I think it's a he.
JimBob4554 (1:56:53 PM): He then. Sorry, the previous Azrael was a she.
LizGal2002 (1:57:38 PM): Well, dear Ser'acsian, what do you wish for me to do?
JimBob4554 (1:58:10 PM): Whatever you'd like; I can't tell you stuff to do while out of character. :P
LizGal2002 (1:58:41 PM): I've got a plan. :-D
LizGal2002 (1:58:46 PM): And guess what?
JimBob4554 (1:58:49 PM): What?
LizGal2002 (1:58:50 PM): You're not in it!
LizGal2002 (1:58:53 PM): Hah!
JimBob4554 (1:58:54 PM): ::chuckles::
JimBob4554 (1:59:03 PM): I'm not supposed to be in plans.
JimBob4554 (1:59:08 PM): Except possibly the final one.
LizGal2002 (1:59:20 PM): How are you defeated?
LizGal2002 (1:59:25 PM): You have to tell me.
JimBob4554 (1:59:34 PM): What do you mean?
LizGal2002 (1:59:53 PM): I mean, how are you destroyed?
JimBob4554 (2:00:03 PM): What makes you think that I'm destroyed?
LizGal2002 (2:00:16 PM): That's the point. You're not.
JimBob4554 (2:00:33 PM): What makes you think that I'm going to be?
LizGal2002 (2:00:42 PM): But you are only Ser'acsian, not Death, who is always and will always be present.
JimBob4554 (2:00:52 PM): Au contraire.
JimBob4554 (2:00:58 PM): Death's power is finite.
LizGal2002 (2:01:05 PM): Since when did you learn French?
JimBob4554 (2:01:19 PM): With the loss of life of all humanity, death loses its power.
JimBob4554 (2:01:24 PM): Au contraire is a common term.
JimBob4554 (2:01:47 PM): Death is a lesser being.
LizGal2002 (2:01:57 PM): How come?
JimBob4554 (2:02:12 PM): Because without things that can die, death has no dominion.
JimBob4554 (2:02:28 PM): The Ser'acsian is infinite, for he was first, created as God's companion.
LizGal2002 (2:02:29 PM): If that is true, then we may as well just give up.
LizGal2002 (2:02:41 PM): That's not fair.
JimBob4554 (2:02:48 PM): It's perfectly fair.
LizGal2002 (2:02:53 PM): No, it's not!
LizGal2002 (2:02:55 PM): It's not!
JimBob4554 (2:02:56 PM): How is it not/
JimBob4554 (2:02:57 PM): ?
LizGal2002 (2:03:11 PM): That means nothing can destroy you.
LizGal2002 (2:03:20 PM): You've made yourself invincible.
JimBob4554 (2:03:23 PM): That means I'm not likely to be destroyed.
LizGal2002 (2:03:24 PM): You godmoder.
LizGal2002 (2:03:36 PM): :-D
JimBob4554 (2:03:49 PM): I am the highest of all the creations. I can defeat any creature in a one-on-one fight.
LizGal2002 (2:04:05 PM): Really?
JimBob4554 (2:04:11 PM): Does not mean that I cannot be destroyed. Just means that it takes more thinking to do it.
LizGal2002 (2:04:16 PM): Then why don't you destroy Lucifere?
JimBob4554 (2:04:25 PM): Why should I destroy Lucifere?
JimBob4554 (2:04:30 PM): I have no motivation to do so.
LizGal2002 (2:04:37 PM): Because she has an awful lot of power.
LizGal2002 (2:04:46 PM): Oh, wait, that's my reason. Never mind.
JimBob4554 (2:04:51 PM): ::chuckles::
JimBob4554 (2:05:08 PM): I'm not a lower being trying to claw into power; I have power, I need no more.
LizGal2002 (2:05:34 PM): Guess what?
JimBob4554 (2:05:39 PM): What?
LizGal2002 (2:05:41 PM): I've already got a team going.
LizGal2002 (2:05:50 PM): :-D
JimBob4554 (2:05:52 PM): Okay.
LizGal2002 (2:06:07 PM): Why am I telling you this?
JimBob4554 (2:06:12 PM): Good question.
LizGal2002 (2:06:20 PM): Hehehehe.
LizGal2002 (2:06:29 PM): Then what do you do?
JimBob4554 (2:06:38 PM): I have no need to do anything.
LizGal2002 (2:07:08 PM): Hmph.
LizGal2002 (2:07:13 PM): And you're telling me to do something.
JimBob4554 (2:07:38 PM): Indeed.
LizGal2002 (2:08:04 PM): Well, why should I?

It amuses me when people tell me their thoughts when they're trying to work against me. OOC info is fair game, in my opinion, if it's thrown at you.

We have like 5 different factions in Hell vying for power.. Heaven doesn't have that problem.

And yeah, that's Elizabeth from school, not Elizabeth from work or from con. >.< I'm surrounded! AHHH!!!
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