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Almost forgot to mention - either Maggie (under her boyfriend's influence) or her boyfriend (hoping the latter, as I already knew that he was a retard) was being his/her unintelligent self yesterday while "talking" to me, so I blocked Maggie's SN and that's that. Quite interesting really; wish I had saved the convo. Went something like this:

M: I couldn't see you while at a friend's house.
K: I have it set up so that only people on my buddy list can see me.
M: That's stupid.
K: I was tired of putting up with all the crap from random people that IMed me and asked me to cyber or called me a loser.
M: My boyfriend says you're just afraid to face people.
K: I didn't see him at AMA last weekend meeting hundreds of new people.
M: That's because he's not a loser like some people.
K: [forgot]
M: fag [blah blah]
K: Well, it was nice knowing ya.
K blocks M

Yay for stage directions.
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