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A - Act your age? No, but those millenia are really starting to catch up to me.. ::rubs his back::

B - Born on what day of the week? ::gets out handy dandy computer calendar:: Sunday. "The day God rested." That would explain a lot of things.....

C - Chore you hate? All of them? It's not a chore if you don't hate it. XP

D - Dad's name? Gennady

E - Essential makeup item? Sparkles. Of course!

F - Favorite actor? Uhh.. the .. guy.. with the eyes.. and .. the .. arms....... yeah. >.>

G - Gold or silver? Silver for decoration, gold for profit. ::wide grin::

H - Hometown? Donetsk, Ukraine. Whoocha! Home of the eternal flame. And then we went to America.. home of the whopper.

I - Instruments you play? Tenshi. (Seriously, poke her, it's great!)

J - Job title? Bish. XDDD

K - Kids? Gotta love delicacies.

L - Living arrangements? I'm undead, thank you very much! ::turns nose up in air:: Hmpf!

M - Mom's name? Margarita

N - Name what you've eaten so far today: Okay. ::looks down at stomach:: I'll name you.. ::thinks:: Swishy!

O - Overnight hospital stays? Not to my knowledge.

P - Phobia? Uhh.. lotsa things. >.> I'm a fearful little vampyre. >.>

Q - Quote you like? Lots of 'em. Do I have to pick one? Hmm.. "To be unknown is to be unconquerable." ~Tal Shiar

Ooh, or or or! M: At least he who reaches will get a good stretch, a good view, and perhaps even a low-hanging apple for his effort!
D: Or perhaps a low-flying arrow fired by some unseen assailant.
M: He might indeed, but loss of life is only great to those who chance to live it.

Okay, so yeah, I'll leave it at that. Deep quotes are always fun.

R - Religious affiliation? Well, I affiliate myself with people of all religions (well, not true, but I would.. I'm just not exposed to many cool people of most religions).

S - Siblings? Older brother, Alex.

T - Time you wake up? That would involve "sleeping," wouldn't it? Sleep is for the weak.

U - Unique habit? Don't believe there is such a thing. But anything's possible.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? The ones that don't taste good or look or smell funny. o.0

W - Worst habit? Randomly breaking out into dance. ::glides::

X - X-rays you've had? Uhh.. teeth?

Y - Yummy food you make? Biscvit. (Yes, that's a v.. you can't pronounce it, so don't even try.)

Z - Zodiac Sign? Aquarius

K, now that that's over.. I'm having a lot of fun with my new friends from AMA:

Elizabeth seems intelligent, fun, and funny, which is good, cuz it's hard to compensate for people who don't show themselves to be intelligent in my mind.

Snack-sama is just plain awesome, and he lives close enough that I can invite him out to movies and stuff, which I'm happy with. I'll have to go out to Rockville sometime and figure out where the heck he lives; I'd be fine with giving him rides sometimes. And Katie seems to think he's cool too, wink wink.

Shelby is fun and thinks I'm funny, which is always a good thing , but I confuse her a lot. =/ She doesn't seem to be the brightest one of the bunch, but she's still really cool and fun, so I'm hoping that doesn't get to me and make me push her away like I do sometimes. >.< Kinda like the girl that Slater was trying to set me up with a while ago.. that'd be bad. ;.; But I still like her, so.. I think I can manage .

Don't remember Shelby's friend's name (so I'll just call him Arucard for now), but he seems cool as well; definitely gotta talk to him some more.

Gotta email the creepy guy about gaming, see when a game's being run so that Jeff and I and maybe others can go down and have some fun. Gotta give it a shot - after all, it is gaming - but if I'm still creeped out after it, I won't come back. >.>

Whee, waiting for pictures to get up on and other places so that I can see myself and the cool people that I met. I got Elizabeth's picture so that I could show Tenshi (there was a reason for that, but I have the crappiest memory, so I don't remember what that reason actually was), so we'll see if she recognizes her.

Yeah, people need to get online sometime. I wanna start a chatroom so that everyone can meet my new friends. ;.; Where the fuzzles is everyone?! >.<

Now I'm gonna go eat and then come back and insert a survey up top. ::whistles:: XDD

EDIT: YES!!! The AMA3 pics are up!! They're not labeled yet, but they're up! :D:D:D:D:D:D!! Wheeeeeeee!!
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