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"Just remember, Kevin - when they tell you that money can't buy happiness, they're wrong. Utterly wrong."
"And broke?"

Alex just gave me a (light) noogie and agreed with me that he loves me. (!)

Snack-sama actually came, and he brought Jen, who is not biologically related to him. That was awesome. They both like popcorn, lol.

Afton gave me the pouch.. if I remembered what it's supposed to be called, I'd tell you. It looks awesome though.

I succeeded in cheering Tenshi up for maybe a good half hour. Score?

Nanashi gave me her Catholic schoolgirl outfit. Sucks for Jeff, but awesome for me. Now I need to convince someone to wear it. (Oh, and I might wear it for Halloween this year to school.) And Nanashi's DDR pads suck; she needs new ones. But it was fun playing with the back arrow being in the upper left. Interesting experience.

Uhh, yeah. Stuff.
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