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AMA ends.

I miss these people.. quite a bit.. (I didn't see most of them today, so I already miss them..) ='( I hope I get to see a lot of them again at Nekocon and hang out and stuff.. Already registered for the LARP at Neko! Yay!..

Couple things I think I forgot to mention - our group got the "most attention to detail" award for the hall costume competition, and I'm going to be a character in the Faans comic. Whee!

I gotta drop off Ally's candy and stuff sometime, since she forgot it in my car. And I won the bid for the fiery angel thing, so I dropped that off for Tenshi. ^_^

Raleigh is very cute. ::laughs:: I bought her for $2. Actually, I was debating it, and she took my wallet and took the two dollars. It was great fun. ^^-
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