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More AMA.

To begin with, Sammi is most definitely seme. She's like.. pure seme. Dancing leashed to her is very, very much fun (second time I've actually been able to loosen up enough to dance to that kinda music). She just makes you want to be her slave. It's insane. And I wouldn't be surprised if she just dropped dead on a dance floor from dehydration or something.. She's insane.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Shelby had her awesome fangs in (wow, they're amazing.. they look awesome, they're hard,.. I WANT SOME!! ::cry::), and I had her bite my neck. That was awesome. I wonder if it's noticeable.. ::goes to check:: Ehh, not really.. that one mark might be it.

I found some people after the hour-and-a-half of dancing that I did (got compliments, whee!) and tagged along with them to room, where we hung out and I crashed and got a few hours of sleep. A little after getting there, I went out to try to find Sammi, but I found .. Elizabeth? .. and dragged her back. I was introducing her to people, so I was like, "What's your name?"
"Elizabeth, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Elizabeth."
They were like, "Did you just ask her her name?"


Uhh yeah.. with the convenient elevator broken, it takes a while to find the Art Show. We wandered around for some time trying to find it..

Going to breakfast (Shoney's) with family then going back to AMA. Then going out to dinner; prolly not going back to AMA after that. Love you all!
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