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Whoo, dinner was good. Our apple cobbler rocks! :D And that wasn't so bad on my wallet - $61 ($39.20 for dinner (woohoo employee discount! :D) and the rest for tip). So that basically leaves me with the $20 that I borrowed (though I'm gonna save that for AMA tomorrow :P). And we saw the FUNNIEST commercial!! :D:D:D You HAVE to check out the current Michelin commercial! :D

AMA is still fun, though not quite as much as yesterday. ^^ But still much fun. Tenshi brought me a sign saying "Hug the leashed bish! (please?)", so I got to wear that around and get more hugs. ^^ That was awesome.

And Ally kissed me. Twice. lol. :P

And I was sparkling everyone. Much fun. I can't wait to get back there.. stupid work. Need the money, though. >.< I've gotta find out who's going to NekoCon so that I can run that by my mom so that I can go.. and I wanna go to other cons too. :P I'll work one at a time out with my mom, though. ^^ And I still gotta work out the Penn. trip. :P

Yeah, so, I'm gonna rest for a bit before going to work. ^^ I LOVE YOU ALL! ::hugs for everyone::

EDIT: Oh yeah! Since Mom wants to have me tell her who's going to Neko before I register, she's gonna pay the full price. ^^ So I'll register with the blob.. and I won't even have to pay for it! übersweetness. And I'm gonna LARP as the Sorata's "grandfather" guy from XTV at Neko. ^^ Should be fun. I hope I get lots of cool stuff, considering they have like 5 minutes of footage to go on and so don't really know much about him. :P Hehehehehe. ^^

I hope the people from last night will be there again tonight. Should be fun. ^^
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