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AMA is definitely the best con EVAR! I left around 2:20.. not sure why I left then, since there was still awesome stuff going on and people to hang out with, but I wanna get 4 or 5 hours of sleep before heading back - if I don't get sleep, then I won't be able to drive later in the weekend. (If anyone needs a ride to AMA tomorrow, call my cell (357-7940).. but I won't be able to bring you back, cuz I'm leaving ~2:30/3 and not coming back till midnight or so).

I got a heck of a lot of attention (so I'm very happy). And I think people were hitting on me, but I have no idea and don't really care anyway - I r teh loyal. ^^

Yeah, met so many fun people and did and saw so much cool stuff.. if I could, I'd list all of it, but it's way too much.. let's just say that this is an experience to remember. This is way better than NekoCon, though with Neko, I could keep in contact with most of the people I hung out with (since they were mostly blobbers :P). Here, I'm having so much fun with random people.. but it's so great! I love it! This is my scene. ^-^

Can't wait to get back there. My leash is going over VERY well (though part of my collar broke off, so I'm bending my collar by using my leash.. oh well, it r0xx0rs!!). :D:D:D

EDIT: Oh yeah, and the guy with the weird DDR (PyDDR) - he programmed that himself. Started it a couple years ago, when he was too poor to afford DDR and the computer stuff wasn't out yet. I wanna go to his con, but it's the weekend before Neko.... gonna have to see how that works out. I really wanna go though.. it's in Williamsburg.
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