Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Wow. ^^

Boondock Saints was an awesome, awesome, FUNNY movie! :D:D Tenshi, you'd love it! Or at least lots of parts of it. ^^;

OOH! Almost forgot! Jeff and I kissed. ^^; (Nanashi was actually encouraging us! XD) That's the first one that I've initiated and actively participated in. ^^ Erin kissed me; Rick kissed me; Faji kissed me. Jeff and I kissed (though still a tiny one ^^). Wheeeeeeeeeee!! :D:D:D

EDIT: Oh, and Nanashi swears when quoting things. Bad Nanashi! Bad! >_<

I won't be at school tomorrow, but I will be going around and driving people to AMA and such. I'll need to get directions everywhere. ^^;
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