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Uff. Ate too much and had too much apple juice. But at least I got my vitamin C! XD

Whoo, that was a workout! 4 hours of workout = good. Collapsing PVs and Tenshis = bad. :P And thank you, Tenshi; I feel better. ^^ I normally just need something to set things back to where I can ignore all my problems; you're usually the one that I turn to for that. :P

Hmm. I think I'll bring a banana and an apple (yes, just one XP) to Tenshi's tomorrow to eat halfway through. SHE DOESN'T FEED US!! ;.;!! (Kidding, kidding; we had ramen, but I was there for 5 hours and working out for 4.. x_x) I was starving when I left. :P Which is why I killed myself eating. x_x

Hmm. I had other stuff to say, I'm sure, but yeah. YOU ALL NEED TO COME TOMORROW! (SO THAT I DON'T KILL MYSELF PLAYING ALL DAY!)

Yeah, I might still get my boots; we'll see. It'll be fun to see the reaction of Tenshi's dad when he sees Ally leading me around by a leash, though. XPPP I think I'll show up to the Guard thing in full AMA gear (though dunno if I'll have the leash attached).. :P

Hmm.. Am I driving anyone, Tenshi?
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