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Planted the 3 Dogwoods today to replace the trees that were cut down last week. We were joking that it'd be funny if we planted those trees and then used rolls of paper to clean our hands. ^^;

We decided that, among Slater, Jeff and I, I'm the short, smart one. ^^P I stopped in to pick up my tipshare from Saturday; I made $31. That's the most I've made for a night thus far. ! :D And we seem to be using smaller envelopes for tipshare now. :P

I'm thinking of going to the pet store in the plaza here today to check out a leash. For now, though, I'm gonna go make a cool salad; Dad picked up the wrong kind of lettuce, but it should work fine, I think; it'll add variety. ^^;

Oh, and I suck at typing/thinking late at night when working on a paper. Spell check = a must. >.< And I got a 94.4 for MP4 for History.. higher, actually, cuz I got 3/0 today. 86.some for the year. And I found the necklace that Will gave me in my pocket while pulling out my keys. :P
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