Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Rick Cook's Wizardy series.

Computer geek turned master magician; Takumi, if you haven't read this yet, you need to. Heck, I'll drive over and drop them off if you want; you can borrow 'em and read 'em. Great series; funny as all heck, exciting.. Whee!

Wiz Zumwalt on the ingredients of the perfect quest:

Good Companions:
"Malkin's a kleptomaniac adrenaline junkie, June's crazy, Danny's still kind of wild and the dwarf, Glandurg, is just plain dangerous."

Magic Weapons:
"The sword Blind Fury was enchanted, but like the present wielder, the spell was serious lacking in ept."

Strange New Lands:
"You would think that a 20-foot dragon walking down the street of an American city would attract at least some attention. You would be wrong. Anyone who has been in Las Vegas more than 48 hours has seen stranger things than that on the breakfast buffet."

A Known Enemy:
"I wish I knew what the hell we're fighting."

A Clever Plan:
"We're going to kick some serious magical butt."

And above all, a goal:
"Our first job is going to be to protect the dragon from my wife."

And Alex was just telling me about a book that he wanted me to read - Jennifer Government - about a libertarian society in the future gone wrong. If we have a libertarian society in the future.. things have already gone wrong. XP

And haha, Alex was worried that the two rooms with the bathroom in between them were mine and his. I was like, "Nope, both mine." XP We want separate bathrooms. :P
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