Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


The writing and math IC were very easy, but I decided to change math IIC to US history. The first two were easy; history was extremely hard. I'm gonna go back and take math IIC and physics at the beginning of next year.

I had fun with the prompt for writing. I was talking about the Tom Robinson case from To Kill a Mockinbird, and I was talking about how Mr. Ewell was left-handed and Tom couldn't use his left arm.. so I said, "Mr. Ewell, on the other hand (please excuse the pun)" XDDD

(Ooh, Tenshi - my brother got an 800 on chemistry. ^^ You should take the chem SAT II!)

I'm gonna eat then track down some people to go boot shopping with me. I need people that can recognize Fuma boots. >.
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