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Grr, always good when your computer freezes. >.<

But my parents bought the sweet bread that I love, and gummi bears, and sour gummi worms!! I love them!! XDDD

I had a ton of fun at Regency; thanks, Afton! And I smelled nice... ^^- I'm gonna go back and buy that stuff, but I'm gonna wait a little bit until I have money.. I gotta get my leash and collar first. I found a cool collar at Regency, but it didn't have a loop for a leash, so I'm still going to VCC on Sunday, if anyone wants to come. I can only take 3 people, so if you can find transportation, that's always a plus. ;)

I had lots of fun at synagogue. ^^ Many, many people came up to me to comment on the fact that I wasn't wearing black.. and these people have seen me at most like three times. :P It was pretty neat; I was going to surprise people, and I succeeded. ^^

School's winding down, things are kinda cool.. Still gotta figure out when to go to PA, and I'll be doing Guard stuff all summer, I hear, so that should be fun. >.< Hoping I'll get to spend a lot of time with Ally before she goes to Germany. >.<

Thanks for the great day, all. ^^ See ya soon.
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