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I've figured out that it doesn't matter if I adjust my wealth bonus or not; the costs will remain the same. Get to explain that to Slater tomorrow. Typed up an explanation for Jeff to see if I'm right (which I think I am), but he hasn't responded. Here it is:

It doesn't matter if I adjust your wealth bonus after each thing I buy or not. If they're 15 or over , it's going to be 2 no matter what, because if I lower your wealth bonus, it's still going to be over my wealth bonus. The things that are 12 or below (12 being my wealth bonus) are free, and I pay for those first, so they don't matter anymore. The things that are 13 and 14 are going to remain 1, because they're not going to get over 15 and they're going to stay over my wealth bonus.


JBlade8915: yes, however, you also must watch out if they are over 22. They will drain your wealth faster
JimBob4554: True. And THAT part will be affected by the lowering wealth stuff. But as long as I buy the most expensive stuff first, it again doesn't matter either way.
JBlade8915: unless you get below 5
JimBob4554: I'd have bought all my 2 stuff before I got below 5.
JimBob4554: I plan on taking as little as possible that I need to pay for; I want to save my bonus.
JBlade8915: well, what would you buying then?
JimBob4554: I don't know what I'm buying; I don't have my char sheet. :P
JimBob4554: I'll keep a lookout and make sure that I don't buy more than three 2 things, though. Thanks.
JBlade8915: good times

Okay, so I was wrong. It does still affect it. Darn.



I'm having trouble scheduling a time to go to PA to visit Amanda. I have conflicts everywhere. ::sigh:: It's tough. I don't want to leave before the 18th of July. August I need to leave free for Guard/Band camp stuff. There's stuff in between there, though I guess I can forfeit it.. And I'm sure that whenever I go, I'll be missing Guard stuff anyway.
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