Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

RPing stuff

Yeah, so it really sucks waiting a week for someone to post. One reason to play REAL RPGs. Then again, it's also fun to write.. as long as you're given a chance to. Grumble grumble.

And yeah, I should have brought Fortuna over and given her a chance to post.

And the stupid space key is sticking badly on this stupid keyboard. >.< Grr! Need to bring another keyboard over here, cuz it's really annoying!

There's no way to make someone post if they won't do it after numerous urgings and notifications that they're holding things up. The only motivation in that kinda situation is guilt, and if they don't feel it after that (which they should, dammit), then there's not much else to do. Godmoding is always fun........ could try that. Or just ignore them until they decide to post, if they do. Yeah, that'll work. From now on, I'll give people a few days max (if they're in town), and then ignore them. And they can jump back into the storyline if they feel like it.

And my grammar and spelling are deteriorating; it's scary. ::sigh::

It seems like CT was really kinda dead before it got off the ground, doesn't it? ::shrug:: We'll see what develops.
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