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Not bad.

Gonna skip most of the stuff, since it doesn't matter all that much, and just go to the important stuff:

Getting my char done for the d20 Modern campaign that Slater's running. Gotta finish up with equipment (which will be problematic, but I'm gonna have fun with the free stuff ::evil grin::) and figure out what I want my skill emphasis to be on. Oh, but I don't think I need a heavy weapons skill because there is no heavy weapons skill on the character sheet, so that'll be a subset of my piloting skill. W00t! Gonna finish the char tomorrow, hopefully, and I'm gonna make a list of all the equipment I have in the room on a separate sheet of paper and just keep the stuff I have equipped on my equipment list.

And I'm glad I have someone to hug, now. ^^ ::big hug:: Thank you. ^^ Good luck on your paper. ^^ She grades leniently, so you should be fine. ;P

EDIT: Oh, and gotta get my tWoT campaign up and running. Gonna need to go print out char sheets in the library at school.
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