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Ate WAAAAY too much today. >.< I'm still absolutely full, and I haven't touched any food for over 3 hours. Blargh! lol.

The recital was awesome; everyone was amazing! I was very impressed. Tenshi played the most emotional piece by far. And there was a girl that played Tumbalalaika!! I was singing along during.. and before, when I heard the name.. and after, during other people's performances.. and even further after, while pacing around.. >.> Yeah.

I need to get tested for ADD. Like, seriously. XP (DDR? No. ADD.)

And yeah, I decided against going out to a restaurant. I figured throwing up would kill peoples' appetites. >.> Food = baaaaaad!

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Whee! I r teh grunger! XD
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