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Full update.

UPDATE: More good news! D just called me about an hour ago, and they are going to be putting together an offer letter for me tomorrow. This solves the problem with M, and I will be making [ASK]/hr starting on January 2. They seem very eager to bring me on, and I am very eager to work there, so I am very, very excited! And this will give me an opportunity to earn some money to help with apartment stuff when I move out; I will probably still borrow some money on my credit card, but instead of using it to buy things for the apartment, I'll use it to pay off part of my student loans, since the interest rate will be lower on my credit card than on my loans.

Also, D is looking for someone else, since I am not going to be working full-time, so I had the opportunity to push my friend Sidney's name, and hopefully they'll be able and eager to hire him as well. And if we end up working together, that will be awesome; he is eager to work with me. A quote from an email that he sent to his girlfriend, Jonell, who I was talking to about pushing his name:

"Seriously, his work is impressive. I would love to work beside him. (Hoping that happens.)"


I am the happiest boy in existence. I'm going to break this post down into parts:


Things are ending BEAUTIFULLY. Today has been such a happy day!! I go in to get my ENGL200 grade, and I get an A!! I am so stoked about that!! And the 89.33 I had? The professor was feeling benevolent and added 1 point to my final exam, bringing me up to an A in the class!! [Apparently, taking every quiz and doing all the homework is a good thing!] That was the one little raincloud over everything happening in my life right now, and my professor was awesome and made me ecstatic!!

I need to bake him cookies or something. Send him a cake. Something!!


PHIL 412 - B
ENGL 200 - A
RUSS 201 - A
CMSC 312 - A
CMSC 511 - A
CMSC 519 - A

This is by far my best semester ever. In college, I think even in high school too! This gives me a 3.8333 this semester! Holy crap!


I am meeting with a guy about a Visio flowchart tomorrow, which I will be paid [ASK]/hr to finish for him. I am organized, ready, and excited to meet with him. The data entry has already been done; I expect this to be a very quick project (min. 4 hours, though). And if this one goes well, he has another flowchart he needs done! (For which I will be getting paid to do the data entry too; not a bad rate for data entry!)

While I was driving down to VCU, I got a call from a company (let's call them M) that I interviewed with a couple weeks ago. They were calling to make sure I was still interested in the position. They've been interviewing this entire time, and they've got a couple more to do this week, but I should hear back from them at the end of the week. Seeing as they called me to make sure I was still interested, I'm assuming that means I have a pretty good shot at getting the job.

Now, I interviewed at another company (let's call them D) on Thursday. This company does more interesting work, is located in a much more convenient position, has a pretty-much-perfect work environment, and would allow me to put in hours at home on top of the hours I'd put in during the normal business day. Pretty much, it is exactly the company I want to work for. I'm hoping I get an offer there, but I will negotiate in good faith with M, since I don't know how my chances look with D. I will try to contact them before I make any decisions about M.

But either way, looks like I've got a good shot at having a job for spring semester, which is awesome.


Life. Is. Beautiful.

I have a wonderful girlfriend, prospects, magnificent grades, a great family, great friends; if my parents were a bit healthier, there would be very little more that I could ask for. I am so very, very stoked right now.

I will keep calling you to see
If you're sleeping are you dreaming
If you're dreaming are you dreaming of me?
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