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Fucking hell!

It fucking ticks me off when my dad wants to make it seem as if we keep kosher. Let me just let everyone in on this little secret: WE DON'T! And it pisses the living daylights out of me every time my dad asks something stupid like, "You didn't tell her we were having pork, did you?" Well gee whiz, dipshit, if you don't want me to tell people we're having pork, THEN DON'T FUCKING MAKE PORK! Jackass. If you want an image, live up to it. I'm not going to lie for you, and I'm not going to withhold information for you either; that's still lying. I will not contribute to your false image. Stop trying to make me.

Every time he does that, I argue it with him, and he goes, "Okay, okay. I understand." But he still does it all the fucking time. I am displeased.

Again, let me reiterate: WE DON'T FUCKING KEEP KOSHER! I do not keep kosher, have not ever kept kosher, and do not care to ever keep kosher. Same goes for my family. And I want everyone to know it, probably because my parents want people to think that we keep kosher. If we're out with a Jewish family, I'll order whatever the fuck I want, and let them cry about it. They can whine and plead all they want, but until they start keeping kosher, I see no reason to listen to a single FUCKING thing they say.

And I don't see why they want her to think we keep kosher anyway. They know that neither she nor her family does; they've seen them eat sushi; that's not kosher. So what the fuck do they want? To be high and mighty and seem like they're better than everyone? They're worse, because they're lying. They're despicable.
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