Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Jason schedules for a month in advance rather than just for this week. Weird. Oh well, it doesn't interfere with anything I had planned (except for AMA, but I was expecting that), so that's cool.

Sat. Jun 07 | 5:00 - V
Sat. Jun 14 | 5:30 - V
Fri. Jun 20 | 5:30 - V
Sat. Jun 21 | 5:30 - V
23rd thru 29th - clear

So I'm not available during those times, but anytime else, if anyone wants to do anything.. :P

And now I gotta go call Tenshi and ask her why she just won't accept the atoms for what they are. She doesn't like their color.. ::shakes head:: I'm ashamed of her.
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