Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Holy crap.

I have almost nothing to do this weekend. I've done most of my work; I just have a bit of writing for a couple classes, and my Russian teacher will probably assign something small. Other than that, nothing. (School-related.)

Being on the ball ROCKS! Of course, it means I don't do much that's fun during the week, but that's what weekends are for.

Also, the chair of the CS department was telling me about an internship this spring with the police computer forensics department that would be killer for my job prospects, especially considering I'd have security clearance all set and tidy-like. The only problem is that I'm taking such a heavy courseload this spring, and I will probably still not have my weekends free, that I might not have time for it.

But I might try anyway..

(BTW, it's unpaid. ;_;)
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