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It pays to be my mother's son

because, if there's one thing I've learned from her, it's that, if you push enough, you can get what you need DONE.

So I got the bill for VCU on the 11th, telling me that everything was due on the 21st. (WTF? Who times this shit? That ain't enough time to get a loan!) Luckily, I had already started my loan. It went to VCU for certification on the 13th. I go on the 15th and wait in line for half an hour to be told that it takes 7-10 business days to get certified.

On the 20th, I check, and it's still not posted, so I pay it on my credit card, figuring it'll post soon after that and I can use the money from the loan to pay off my credit card. I check today, and it still hasn't posted. It's been more than 10 business days.

So I go down there and wait in line for 40 minutes while eavesdropping on conversations of people who have the same problem that I do. One person has been waiting for over a month and was sent away to wait more. I figure I might as well just leave now and see if I can get Dean Younce to light a fire under somebody's ass as a favor to me, but I wait it out.

I talk to the guy, tell him the whole thing. He can't do anything. I ask who verifies loans. He tells me. I ask where they are. He says in the building. I ask to talk to them. He says they don't see students.

Okay. So I ask who I can talk to that can talk to them. He tells me that I need to talk to some adviser and gives me a piece of paper with their number and email address. I ask where they are. He says in the building. I ask to go up to speak to them. He says I need an appointment, so I need to call and set one up.

Now, I've called several people before, and I never get answers, and when I leave a message, nobody talks to me, so fuck if I'm going to leave and not get anything done. I tell him to call and set one up.

He says he can't. I say if I can, then he can. He says he can't. I ask why. He tells me that he was advised not to call on behalf of students. I ask who advised him that. He says his boss. I ask to see his boss. He turns to an old lady that does the same job he does and tells her that I want to see the boss. She says to call.

So he calls and explains the situation. She says to call Harris King (the guy that certifies loans) and tell him to do it now. He calls, no answer. (Big surprise - I knew there wouldn't be one.) So he calls the other person that does it, and she says she'll certify it today and it'll be posted this evening.

Bam. You gotta keep pushing, but it gets things done. Just gotta talk to the right people, and not give up until you do.

Of course, I told Deanna all this, and she told me that she had a friend that got the same shit yesterday and it still hasn't happened, so I might need to go back tomorrow and raise some hell.

edit: Yep, still not posted. Will call Bank of America tonight, then head back there tomorrow if they haven't gotten anything.


edit2: Make that calling tomorrow.
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