Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I hate VCU with a fiery burning passion.

They give me 10 days to pay my tuition. I started the loan application before I even got the bill and it's still not gone through. Why? Because they take "7 to 10 business days to verify a loan." That means that it takes a minimum of 9 out of those 10 days just to verify that I go to VCU. The bank's been sitting around waiting for that for almost a week, but they still can't disperse the loan because VCU is fucking retarded.

I just paid the bill on my credit card so that I wouldn't have to pay another $100 for it being late due to VCU's incompetence. Hopefully the loan will go through and I'll get the check from VCU before I have to pay my credit card bill.
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