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Alex is installing Windows 2003 Server (legally; his boss gave it to him); coolness.

I found a heart cut out of an index card that said "Kevin <3 Jenna".. I showed it to my mom then ripped it up; she made a sound of slight pain; she wanted to keep it (because she loves me). I'll give anything else of the sort that I find to her.. and I probably shouldn't have ripped it up. I feel slightly sentimental about that too.. it's like six years old. Jenna was my first major infatuation.. that lasted for about a year and a half (from mid-fourth grade through fifth). I made her life miserable.. ::shakes head:: I've learned tact since then, and I don't do massive campaigns for girls anymore, and I don't do anything if a girl doesn't like me; I embarassed one girl enough to suffice for the rest of my lifetime. Live and learn, ne?

EDIT: Hehehe, found some little(ish) woolen socks from Russia (second socks.. go over socks to keep your feet warmer); gave them to Mommy cuz we should keep those. ^^-

We have so many good suits that my dad doesn't wear anymore, that have been hanging around for a while. I took a brown one that was made in Donetsk; they got it a little before we left (so it's about 14 years old.. almost as old as I am), and it's almost never been worn. It looks pretty good on me; the reason I never took them before was that I don't have anywhere to wear them to, and I'm not a big suit-and-tie kinda guy.. I prefer black slacks and a black shirt. But maybe I'll wear this one a few times; it's kinda special, ya know? And it would be hella-expensive here. I'll prolly wear it to my parents' twenty-fifth anniversary party, and see if I can't find a few other places to wear it to. If we ever go to synagogue again, maybe then...

Wow, I found my mushroom pajamas! The pants are little but LOOOONG! They're almost as long as my legs are now, but only like half as wide!

Oh, and while I was at Blockbuster, I saw a kid that reminded me of Tyler. ^^
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