Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I'm back! And to herald my return - bash quotes!

Trey: for some reason IE is throwing a SHIT-FIT about where I'm using
document.getElementById("displayBoardSelector").innerHTML = html;
what the hell. explain your stupid browser.
Dakk12: did you properly light your incense?
Dakk12: in what order did you do the chant and throw the chicken bones?

<obm>If they make a Nano Iphone, I may be interested.
<obm>oh, or an iphone shuffle, no screen and it phones random people

<Hara> The old USSR had one single time zone too. They had a hammer and sickle in the ground near the Kremlin and used it like a sundial.
<Hara> Arguments raged for years as to what to call the timezone
<Hara> Moscow Time?
<Hara> Comrade Time?
<Hara> In the end they all agreed.
<Hara> Hammer Time.

* lloy0076 ponders
< lloy0076> If I take the source code, which is under GPLv2, and translate it from C to Perl (changing it only to fit the new language)...I wonder if the GPL covers that translation I made...
< cafuego> converting C to perl is covered by the death penalty, i believe
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