Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yeah, yesterday was another mix of good and bad, the bad being mostly in my head, as usual. Today and tomorrow, I'm packing up a good chunk of my room, so that the room looks bigger and we can move more readily, but I'm available during evenings if anyone wants to do anything (what are the chances?). So yeah, that's about it. But I did find some cool green pants in my closet (that are like 32x50! grr!) so I'm gonna have Mom cut off a length at the bottom and hem them, and then I can wear them around and look weird. XP I gotta find a shirt to go with it..

EDIT: Alex just walked up to me and asked me if I was in the bathroom. XP

'nother EDIT: Whee, I'm finding lots of fun stuff in my closet (I'm doing my closet today, at least.. gonna go through all my clothes and the junk that's in there, box up most of my clothes, give some to Salvation Army, and keep the rest out to use).. it's hard for me to throw things away. :P I'm gonna have fun this summer with some of the stuff I'm finding.. XP And I'm gonna have to replace some of this stuff cuz it don't work but I want it. XPPP Oh, the fun we will have!

And I found my handcuffs.. the good metal ones that I got for like $2 way back when.. the ones that you can't get out of without the key or something else to help you because I broke off the releases.. the ones for which the key broke when I dropped my keys.. ::evil grin:: So, who's up for a little fun? (Nobody, I know; shut up. ::puts them away into his box of random junk:: ;.;)

And Sophia - I found a tape with something on it that I want you to hear. Since you'll understand it (it's in Russian). :P
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