Things to note if travelling by train.

First off, if you're travelling by yourself for a long distance, just fork out the money for plane tickets - it's worth it.  However, if you must travel by train, here are some things to keep in mind:

- Bring food.  Lots of it.
- Bring a big pillow.
- Bring a blanket - it's going to be cold.
-  If you wear contacts, wear your glasses for the train and change into contacts at your destination.
- The extra legroom is nice.

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So, a bit of a real update!

I made my way back to LJ today because jadeempress got me a toy car. :) While skimming the first few posts of my friends page, I noticed i_love_dinos posting about Thanksgiving, which made me think to make this post.

I've invited my family down to my (our) apartment for Thanksgiving this year, and I think they're coming! That's both very exciting and a little nerve wracking. I am in my final semester of my Masters degree (switched from the Ph.D. program this summer), so I am working full time, taking two classes, and driving back and forth to Richmond several times during the week - which takes a lot of time. And preparing Thanksgiving (and probably at least one additional day that weekend) will also take a lot of time - so I'm a bit nervous about getting to it all.

I think I can do it, though; I've been pretty good at staying on top of things. I just finished my STAT homework due Tuesday; going to finish my crypto reading and problem set sometime in the next few days (it's due a week from today and I've already done half of it).

All in all, times are both exciting (busy) and lacking (socially/meaningfully?). While I am very much looking forward to finishing school, I'm thinking that I might miss the challenge of having so much stuff to stop on top of. I want to get back to my website project that I've started for Bess and for myself; I want to get into sailing and rock climbing (each of which I've done once and absolutely LOVED); and I want to start working out seriously (by getting a personal training session twice a week to keep me focused).

Yesterday evening, Bess and I went to a going-away dinner for my friend who is moving up to NorVA this Saturday, and - it turns out - he and most of the people there sail! So now I have a contact around here for sailing - hopefully I'll be able to get some of that in before we move next summer.

Oh yeah - Bess is going to be going to grad school next Fall, so we'll be moving in about 8 months! Not sure where yet - she is looking at one school in Richmond, three in NorVA, two in Maryland, and two in Pennsylvania. So, not sure where I'll be living a year from now, but we're planning on buying a house wherever that is, so it'll be nice to have a bit more space. Not that our apartment isn't amazing (and the location can't be beat - so beautiful!), but it's a little lacking in storage and kitchen space. I love cooking, so I'm definitely going to be looking for a nice kitchen in the next place.

I started my new job this February of this year, and I still love it. It's nice to have an opportunity to excel, and it's definitely nice to be valued by my management chain. My coworkers and managers are great, and the work is interesting. And I'm working from home the majority of the time. All around, I'm very pleased with this job.

I'm planning a big party for my 25th birthday. Hopefully it won't get snowed out like my 24th did. :) But yeah - it's going to be a big, Russian-style party - (hopefully) live music, lots of food, lots of alcohol, (hopefully lots of toasts).. I'm very excited about it. It's hard to plan it while I'm also focusing on work and school and shuttling back and forth between Richmond and Newport News, but I think it'll be great! Just have a lot to do still.

Well, I've rambled on a bit, but now you're caught up with a lot of the important things in my life! Isn't that exciting? :)

Edit: Oh, and we're planning a Halloween party for Halloween night; those usually turn out pretty well, so it should be good/fun/good fun! We've barely started prepping, though, so it'll be a busy week coming up! And we're going up October 30 to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity!

Edit2: And apparently I really like exclamation marks! lolz..
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